Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This is one very good example of stupid crap at college:

In case it's too blurry to read, that says "Watch Al Gore Punch Global Warming In The Face".


On a brighter note, I seem to be doing okay with grades and whatnot. I got a 95% on my essay in writing, an 82% on my math exam and a 96% on my geology exam. Speech is a little less formal, but I did okay on my last speech, so I think I'm okay. For math, we'll have to do a proficiency test soon and you have to get a 95% to pass. It better be really easy! There seems to be a lot less stress on this test though - the teacher said we could take it multiple times until we pass. We just need to pass it to pass the class. Unfortunately, they're using formulas and stuff from the last math class which I was not in. Garrrr!!!!

Work is the same. I can't remember if I blogged this, but we got a new girl... I'm 98% sure she cried on her second day. That's the day she wasn't a bartender, but she was a waitress like me. She didn't like how the guys treated her. And she got the nice group!!!!!

Oh, and one of my co-workers got mad at me. He bowls in a league and they apparently have to keep papers on their scores and stuff. Well, the league was done and they were mostly gone so I was cleaning up the tables of course. I threw away their scores. Oops. He found me after a while and was talking loudly about the stupid paper. I said, "Okay, it was probably me... let me just think which garbage I threw it in." He said, "I need that score sheet like, right this minute!" Well! If you're going to sweet-talk me, I might get a crush on you! Jerk. I found the score card and it only had a little coffee and a spot of chili sauce on it. Hehe.

I guess it's time to go to school. You know, there's such a huge difference from when I was in high school and then that one year of college those many years ago. I actually care about my grades enough to do homework and stress over tests and stuff. And it's possibly paying off! But I do understand why so many people live with their parents when they do this. Not paying rent would be bliss.

Totally off the subject... don't you all think Rayleen should move up to Oregon? Hehehehehehe!!!!!


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

Yes, yes she should!

Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

and congrats on your tests!

Tytainya, Queen of the Fairies said...

I never met Rayleen, but I think she should move to Oregon. I think my mom should move to Oregon, too.

Tytainya, Queen of the Fairies said...

Good job on the tests, too.

Did I ever tell you about my sisters bank tellers test? She got 100% on the first day on her first try. The girl before her took it for two weeks before she passed (70% was passing) and she passed with 70%. The sad thing was it was open book. Not only was it open book, but it was multiple choice.