Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gone Cruisin'

As I'm sure you all know, I was blessed to go on a cruise to the Caribbean. We had a really great time and relaxed a LOT. By the end of the cruise, I actually felt a little bit on the human side again. I tried to get some pictures, but I'm sure I didn't get enough. I'll break this into groups, since I have dial-up and it's going to take forever to upload the pictures.

We went on Carnival, which just might be the "getto" ship of cruises, but we really didn't care.

Sorry it's blurry. This next one is of the ceiling directly above that picture. Of course, it's a little prettier when it's not cloudy...

I got my hair cut and had highlights put in, but it was getting kind of long before that. Here I am before it got cut.

Okay, that's taken enough time for now. But more to come, I promise.


rayleen said...

Yay!! I want to go on a cruise now! :)

Faythe said...

Finally! I've been on pins and needles waiting for pictures!!

katrina said...

Hi Aimee, Nice to SEE You!

Glad you had a good time!

aimee said...

Sorry it took so long guys! I'm trying to be a little better with posts, pictures, etc. But let's face it: I suck at it!