Sunday, February 12, 2006

You'll Never Guess What I Did Today

Today my friend Jeff flew down from Salem to here with his friend "Gyro" Jeff. We met at a Chinese restaurant and had TONS of food - way too much to eat. Now Jeff had mentioned something about taking me up in his little plane (an Avid Plus) so I brought my camera. He took one look at the big camera bag and said, "What's that?" He then brought out a little digital camera and said, "See the difference?"... I said, "What do you mean?" and then took my camera to Roger.

I rarely lock Roger, so it was weird. But I trusted he would be okay.

Honestly, I was a little nervous. I haven't been up in the air in quite a while. But I know Jeff and have the utmost trust in him, so I rolled myself into the little cockpit and we taxied out.

Up, up and away! Oh, wait... isn't that Superman or something?... Whatever.

Gaining altitude...

If you can, click on that picture to get a closer look at the little sign in the lower right-hand corner. Interesting.
Here's a picture of Gyro-Jeff:

And a closer look - Isn't it amazing?

We ended up circling around Gyro at one point and I thought briefly about what the Chinese food would look like the second time around. We are getting ready to land in Salem. Jeff said, "Do you see the landing strip?" I nodded because I saw some asphalt... Hm....

Hey, where'd the asphalt go? And why do the letters on my door spell out "EXPERIMENTAL"???

AAAAAAAH!!!! There's no landing strip!!!! We're landing in the GRASSSSSSSS!!!!

It was actually one of the smoothest landings I've ever seen. On our way home, we took the long way. It was gorgeous. Jeff narrated the "motorcyclist's route" all the way home, which was awesome. On our way, we saw a couple of lambs - they were sooo cute!

And an awesome bridge...

Which segued into a lovely sunset.

What a great day! And now Ladies and Gentlemen, if I may introduce you to the most awesome pilot ever, and my favorite guy to hang out with... Jeff.

A big thanks to Jeff! You're not just a porkchop, you're a rockstar, Baby!!!


jtadrenaline said...
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aimee said...

Oops!!! Sorry Jeff!... You can re-comment if you want. :)

Faythe said...

That's awesome! I love small planes. Great pictures, too. The bridge and sunset look gorgeous.

It's been snowing here all morning, so it's beginning to look gorgeous here in Spokane, too.

Faythe said...

And can I just say I am so glad you have a new computer and a digital camera because I love to see your picture stories on here!

rayleen said...

I agree Faythe! Finally, Aimee has stepped into the 21st century! :)

Love the pics Aim...more, more!

And I still think Jeff looks like that one movie star, you know the, that white guy with the blond hair. Yeah.

jtadrenaline said...

Hey Rayleen,

I am that movie star in which all other movie stars are wishing that they looked like!! Just kidding, you guys rock!!