Friday, February 10, 2006

The Duck Walk

I walked to the store the other day because it was soooo sunny outside and I need the U.V. rays. My skin is transparent. On the way back I walked on the bike path, which turned out to be a really pretty walk. It took too long though, I'll have to take my bike next time... A novel idea really, a bike on a bike path.

Anyway, the bike path goes beside a little canal type of thing, and it led me to a cute little park. This was basically what I saw first... I like it.

Then I saw the ducks. Who doesn't like ducks?!? They saw me too, and started meandering toward me.

Then they saw the grocery bags I was carrying...

A couple came up to me... (Hey lady, what's in the bag?)

Hey, she's got pita bread in there!!!

Okay, I know I can walk faster than them, but if they take to the air I'm in BIG trouble!

Ahhh, the end is near... this little bridge led me out of the park and away from the cute (but a little crazy) ducks. Maybe I should bring some bread next time.

And just for the fun of it...


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rayleen said...


I love ducks!