Saturday, September 03, 2005

Who dunnit???

I have a cell phone. I very rarely use it because I prefer my home phone and it's one of those horrible prepaid, bad-calling-area, don't-be-in-any-building-if-you-want-reception, where-did-my-minutes-go kind of cell phones. I check for messages about once a week, but sometimes a few weeks will go by without checking.
So this morning I'm being super-efficiant (hahahahahahhahahahahahha!!!) and I decide to check my messages.

"You have one new message." (from a week ago... sheesh!)

Hm. Somebody called me! I wonder who....

"Hello Aimee, this is Deputy So-and-So and we just got a 911 call from your phone and we were just checking to make sure everything was okay. Please give us a call at 1-800-blah,blah,blah,blah."


Of course I called back and let them know that all was well and I was sorry.
I thought and thought about how it could have happened when it dawned on me. I only weigh in on SATURDAYS... That's when the call was made!!!

MY DAMN SCALE CALLED 911 AFTER I WEIGHED MYSELF!!!!! The scale's goin' down.



rayleen said...

Dayum scale!!

Faythe said...

Funny! Sounds like the scale needs a serious attitude adjustment.

Ryan's had a cell phone as long as I can remember, mostly so he could be reached for IT stuff (in case computers crashed or shut down). Now that we've moved up here and he's not working for a company anymore, he's actually STOPPED using it! I am amazed. It used to be glued to his ear!