Sunday, September 25, 2005

National Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th was National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Of course I couldn't really dress up like a pirate where I work, but in honor I wore a wristband that had a skull and crossbones and on the other side it says, "Dead men tell no tales"... Rayleen got it for me when she went to Disneyland. :)

Flash back to about two or three months ago... I was wearing my "I love pirates" bracelet that Rayleen got for me when a guy asked me if it were my Jeep out there in the parking lot - obviously because of the licence plate and jolly roger flag. I told him it was and we got into a lively conversation about pirates. I never saw him after that...

Flash forward to September 19th... And I saw that guy again with his wife, two small children and baby. They were all dressed as pirates! And he carried a ukelele!!! I wish I had a camera then!!! They sang to me the pirate song from the VeggieTales movie, and since they had the words printed out, I sang along - totally embarrassing most of the people in the store.

At first I was embarrassed, but then I figured they were having tons of fun and it was almost like a singing telegram... not that I would ever want one again. But it was done in great fun!!!!

Here's a pic of the song sheet and the "booty" they gave us (homemade peanut butter cookies):

Image hosted by

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Even though this is a little late, HAPPY NATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!!


rayleen said...

How cute!! They must have had a lot of fun. :)

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

That is so cool! I love that song. And the song sheets are so keen! And peanut butter cookies to boot. That sounds so great!
I thought of you yesterday Aimee. I saw a jeep going down the 5 with a skull and cross bones flag waving off the back.