Tuesday, September 13, 2005

People are strange

I'm beginning to think I just have too high of expectations for people. I had to work with a "new" pharmacist recently and I talked to her on the phone briefly before meeting her in person. I gave her directions to our store and told her it was about a two hour drive from where she was. She seemed nice. Let's call her "Jane". On the first day Jane was supposed to work with us, she was half an hour late. I got to hear ALL DAY about how it's really a two and a half hour drive and the next time I told somebody how far it was, make sure to tell them two and a half hours. All day.
I've made it in less than two hours in my jeep.

Jane showed up wearing checkered pants, a nice-ish sweater top and comfortable shoes (which makes sense as we are standing all day). Her gray hair was pulled back into a reasonable, out of the way ponytail that was placed low on her head. She wore no makeup, which is fine... But to top off the look, she wore a big flannel jacket.

Jane looks like she is from Eugene and has a stand at the Saturday Market.

During the day she started telling us "funny" stories... And also told us that somebody in one of the other stores didn't appreciate her humor and "told on her". She was trying to get us to reassure her that we wouldn't rat her out. After receiving what she took as approval, she proceeded to tell us basically any story that included the following words: vagina, vaginal, vaginally and condom.

And of course she couldn't tell these stories too loud, so she would get really close to us to tell us... Way into my personal bubble!!!

Speaking of oddness, the Phlatulant Pharmacist is up to something. He's been getting bold lately. The other evening after I left, the cashier told me about his behavior and some of the things he was saying. I told our pharmacy manager because I swear it sounds like he's on something!!! There will be no partaking of the merchandise, mister!

He was jumping (literally) around the pharmacy and hopping or skipping from med to med. He complained about me a lot, which is normal and expected. He started talking crap about a baby. A BABY!!! The mother is 16 years old and we know her... We have pictures of the baby in the pharmacy because he's a sweetheart of a baby and the grandmother (who is my age) works with us. Apparently he hates the pictures and every time he sees them he gets mad. So of course I posted my pictures of the baby in a very obvious location. Hehehehe.

And the kicker: He started to say the "N" word!!! He got half of it out before stopping. The cashier said, "Wow, I'm shocked at you!", and he started giggling in a high pitch.
??????????????? What is going on here??????????

One last thing before I end this huge post - I keep my water (a gallon jug) in the pharmacy so I can drink it while working. I came in after having the weekend off and I swear it looks like somebody (the P.Pharmacist) spit in it or something. There are bubbles or something. So I bought more water and saved the other water so I can dump it out while he's there. There wasn't much left anyway. And maybe I'm just really paranoid? But I'm not taking any chances with this freak!


rayleen said...

He knows you're going Aim, that's why he's acting like this. .

Faythe said...

Boy, I wish I could see this guy in action. What a weirdo!

Faythe said...

Oh, and the comment about how "Jane" looks like she has a booth at the Eugene Saturday Market--hilarious! Damn hippies!

aimee said...

Ooooh, if I could only take pictures! But then they might wonder why I'm getting close-ups so you could see detail.
Oh well.