Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Vacation Part I

I went to San Diego for Christmas this year with my cousin Tyler. We flew and met my mom down there, who took the train. We went to SeaWorld, a really great place to see once in a while. We saw killer whales first... beautiful!

There was a lot of reflection on the plexiglass. In fact, I was dismayed to see that one of the relections looks like the shape of Texas. How horrible!

They seemed to pose for us, looking as beautiful as ever.

On the surface, we saw some chatting with the birds. It turns out they hock stuff out of their stomach (fish usually) and try to bait the birds into coming close enough to get nabbed. Apparently, they get an average of five birds a day!

Fly away birdie!!!

The otters were adorable. I wish I could pet them...

But then again, it seem that they have very sharp teeth. I guess it's okay to look from the other side of the glass.

Later, the otters relaxed on ice. Literally. They like to sleep on ice.

More pictures to come...

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