Sunday, February 10, 2008

What month is this, anyway??...

Although it's been 17 years since I blogged last, I will go on as if it were yesterday. It's part of my new Denial Plan. The same plan that helped me take that stupid weight loss ticker off my freakin' blog.

I woke up one morning not too long ago... honestly, I can't remember how many days it's been - this month and last have been a blur. Anyway, I looked out of one of my windows to see a beautiful view:

After finding out I had an official "school day", I went outside to take a couple of pictures. It was absolutely beautiful! And the snow just kept falling...

I ended up making a snowman which did not, I repeat, did not help my Anatomy & Physiology exam grade. I reeeeally regretted that later. But it was fun making the snowman!

It was pretty cold though. Even the antenne pirate guy was cold:

I could have gone to work, but after thinking about it I decided to just stay home and enjoy instead of driving.

There was a stretch of time, about 16 hours, that I had no electricity. My wood stove came in very handy for cooking, but please take some advice: don't cook pasta unless you can get the water to boil. It took about 40 minutes for my pasta to cook, and it was pasty. Pasty pasta. Not. Good. Veggies were okay though.

Roger was well buried. I couldn't wait to take him out in the snow!

Poor Roger! I kept having to go out and brush the snow off the canvas roof because of the weight of the snow. I did get to drive him later. I actually had to drive him to school and work for several days, using the four-wheel drive to get up and over the mountain. It was awesome!

Well, I have posted a lot of pictures to make up for the lack... but I am in school full time, I'm taking an extra CNA class that meets three to four times a week (five hour class times each day), and I'm working part-time. So I hope you understand my lack of posting!
Until next time...

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