Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A New Home?

So I went to see a lady about a rental. It's about 20 minutes out of town, so it's on the remote side... but it's very quiet and peaceful! Just be advised: the owner was in the process of cleaning, so some of the pictures are just that. Also, they've had it empty for a year or so, just taking a break from renters and using the downstairs space outside.

There's a shop downstairs. It's filled with wood right now, but they're clearing it out. You can't tell, but it's got a concrete floor. When it's clean, I'll take a picture of it.

The stairs going up to the cabin look a little scary, but they're sturdy.

My view from the porch upstairs. There are two extremely small streams down below, but it's more like run-off than a stream right now. I think in the winter I may be able to actually see water and possibly hear it too. They are going to clear out some of the brush there too.

The porch.

More of the porch. I like that they use sticks for railings. Before I got there, the owner told me it was rustic... She wasn't joking!

Inside, looking toward the "living room"... with the stairs on the right going up to the loft.

The kitchen. I might just put the little table out on my porch for morning coffee and stuff.

From inside, looking back toward the door.

More of the kitchen. The owner washed the curtains that go in front of the kitchen sink underneath - she hung the curtains and it looked soooo much better.

The bathroom, door closed. It's frosted glass, not metal. It's just hard to tell in the picture. The wood stove is in the foreground.

The bathroom, door open. The shower stall is just to the right. Not much to see there. It took me a while to realize there's not a single mirror in the whole place.

Under the stairs, a little space for storage, next to the water heater.

Up in the loft, a closet. It has a dowell for hanging stuff and a shelf. I'll put a curtain in front of it.

Up in the loft - it has a lot of lighting, which I love. Also, it's difficult to tell from the pictures, but it's pretty roomy up there. The ceilings are pretty tall.

Looking down into the kitchen.

Looking back toward the stairs in the loft.

VERY steep loft stairs. A co-worker told me I had better be awake when I go down them... I joked that I may have to put my coffee maker upstairs.

Cute and old stove. Thank goodness I'm not much of a cook!

A canned goods cupboard.

A view of the living room with a little table in the foreground. I'm standing in the kitchen.

My view down to the main the road. The driveway up to the cabin is gated and gravel, so if somebody is coming in, I'll know. The only other people on the gravel road are the owners who live a half a mile up.

I'm really excited. I told the owner I would think about it so I wasn't being rash, and call. I'm going to call tomorrow so she can start working on my references and stuff. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

But what do you think? I want to go back and take more pictures, but I won't. I will try to be patient. I want to move NOW. I need to go pack!

Oh, here are the bad points:
1. It's kind of far.
2. I'll have to go to town to dump garbage and do laundry.
3. Since it's way "out", in the winter there are occassions of possible electricity loss or water freezing. But I'll have the wood stove for heat and stuff.

Okay, that's it.


Yaya said...

I love it! It's so cute. If you get the place, you will have to let us know how good/ bad it is to live there. Personally, I would totally live there. I think the place is adorable!

aimee said...

I'll keep you posted!

...hehehehe... posted... I crack myself up...