Thursday, June 28, 2007

More on the new place

So here's an update. I talked to the owner last Saturday. I had heard a "scittering" upstairs when I was looking around and assumed it was a mouse. I told her that my cats would just love to catch a real mouse, although I think Buddy would just want to play with it and Grace would snap it's head right off. She was concerned about the mice and check it out. It wasn't mice. It was bats.

So they went through the appropriate steps to get rid of them and have the place inspected because of the Toxic Bat Guano (said in an echoing special effects voice). But she knew they would have siding pulled off, insulation pulled out, etc. The Fourth of July is coming up, they have guests coming up, her husband's birthday is coming up... So I wasn't sure how quickly it would get done, or if I were even the person they were going with to rent it. Of course, the more I have to wait, the more I want it. I do have to give 30 days notice here, ya know! Tell me, tell me!!

I got a call last night and it was the owner. Since I was in school until almost 9pm, she left a message asking for me to call her tomorrow (today). I guess they just need to replace some drywall, paint, and it's done! Also, her husband wants to meet me sometime this week. Yay!

So I have her cell number.... It's 6:10am... is it too early to call? Hehehe... Oh, and my mom is so excited for me, she's been picking things up at garage sales and whatnot. She got me a vanity table, a gliding-rocking chair,... AND AN AXE!!! I'm more excited about the axe than anything else!

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