Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Official!

Welcome to my new home!!!!!

Of course, I still have to give my 30 days notice here at these apartments, but I'm doing that today. And I'm only working until noon today, then going down to my wonderful little cabin in the woods to measure stuff. I need to figure out where the couch will fit, etc. I was so excited yesterday when I found out, I didn't even mind so much when I found out my Fourth of July solo had been cut.

I have my measuring device and notes... I'm ready!!

On another note... My cats have been getting me up at 5:30am lately. I really don't know what is WRONG with them. They just start jumping up and down from and to the bed and headboard, they meow, etc. I woke up yesterday with Grace's "yarn-baby" next to me, and this morning I found one of her little mice. *sigh* And it seems Buddy does something annoying until I smack him (lightly, but enough to let him know), and then he flops over and starts purring, like, "Oh! You're awake! Pet me!" Here's a "nice" morning view:

I say nice because it's better than the other view they like to show me. It's now just after 6am and I've notice they are nowhere in sight. They've gone back to bed.

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Rayleen said...

LOL! They're going to love the new place. :)