Friday, June 15, 2007

The Day Spa

I finished the term finally (and I might have even passed all of my classes!), so after selling my books back I decided to get a massage. I'm not real big on going to some stranger's house to save $10 - it's just creepy - so I paid a little more to go to a day spa. The waiting area was even relaxing!

There was a nice frosted glass privacy screen to separate me from the rest of the world.

They gave me a glass of cold water while I waited... I was a little early. The person you see in the background is giving somebody a pedicure. It costs around $70, which is insane, but it takes an hour! What do they do???

I really liked the candle thing - it was simple, yet very nice.

I wondered if that was the room I would be going into... It looks so relaxing!

I also liked this sign very much - not really the design or anything, but the fact that they included a lot. I turned my phone off right away.

The massage was awesome. I left an hour later, feeling wonderful. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the bathroom - it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It also had a shower in it that guests can use if they like. Everything had very low lighting too, so it wouldn't disturb my relaxed eyes. There was a robe in my massage room, but I didn't feel the need to shower.

The next day, I went for a walk at the nearby shopping center. I saw this little water fountain.

I don't know if these pictures are going to come out as good as when I took them - I've re-sized them... But it has such great detail! The water droplets! I love it! I hope it turns out good... I love my camera.

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