Friday, December 23, 2005

More of Disneyland, etc.

Okay, so here's a picture of part of the Disneyland tree - it's a real tree and it was huge. I can't remember if I got a picture of it from afar, but here's a close-up... and if you look close, you'll see my reflection in the ball! Wheee!!!

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And here are some fireworks - it was a pretty good show... except for the idiots who kept getting in my shots! Arg!

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And lastly, some of "old school Disney": Small World. It was so colorful!

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I hope everybody had as much fun as I did - it was great to see a piece of America! And I didn't even know that my cats were being bad while I was away... but that's another story.


Faythe said...

Beautiful pictures, Aimee! I love Disneyland at night, it's my favorite time to be there. I'm so impressed with your pictures, though!

Hope you like the beer!

rayleen said...

Oh mean, that reminds me. I need to post the rest of my photos! Also, Mom would probably like copies of all your DLand photos. Wait until you get your new computer EEEEE! and burn her a disk!

aimee said...

Faythe, first and foremost: I love the beer! I will post about it if I ever get off my lazy butt. I think I have post-holiday blues (and pre-New Year's loser blues).
Thanks for liking my pictures - I got a little picture crazy at some point and got a lot of bad pictures as well. They made me mad.
Rayleen - I'm seeing mom tonight and she has asked for the negatives... but I never thought of burning a CD!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!