Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday Blues

So I've had a hard time trying to blog lately. One reason is that it takes forever for my computer to download pictures and whatnot (soon to be remedied thanks to Rayleen!). I think another reason is that I have the holiday blues.

Yeah, I know Christmas is over and all that. Maybe that's part of it, I'm not sure. But another thing is that New Year's Day is coming soon and I have another wonderful year to start off feeling like a total loser because I have nobody to kiss at the stroke of midnight. Many of you might think this is dumb, but you have somebody to kiss, don't you?

Year after year it's been the same thing for me... Much like Valentine's Day. I think there has been only one year in my entire life (sadly including the four and a half years of my marriage) when I got to kiss someone. And he ate bugs. Seriously. On bets or not. I saw him suck a gnat right out of the air once because it was annoying him and why not (apparently)? No, we weren't 5 years old, we were both in our 20's. But I was desperate enough to kiss him at the end of the big countdown. I wanted ONE year!!!

(By the way, I hope you're laughing and not thinking, "Oh, that poor girl!".)

So here's my thought/quandary: Should I stay at home like oh-so-many-years? Or should I go out to a "function" (bar) and have a couple of beers and see what happens... Okay, I'm not really deperate enough to do that, but I suppose I could go out to a party or something.

Are there any singletons out there feeling the same way? What about you people with a person to smooch? What do you think? Am I even more pathetic now that I've put this in print? Is this one of those things I should keep to myself? ;)


Anonymous said...

Welll if ya werent so picky you couldve have mr fart balls for your new years date. ha-ha-ha.

aimee said...

Yeah, me and my horrible common sense! What was I thinking?!?

rayleen said...

Anonymous has a point...

rayleen said...

Having someone to kiss isn't all that it's cracked up to be. I mean look at you... you had a bug eater to kiss. Did it improve your year? Probably not.

But I know what you mean.