Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A new job?!?

So as you all know, I've been in the market for a new job. The one I have is barely tolerable and I can't wait to leave. It's hard though, because I've had some exciting jobs in the past and it's difficult for me to accept "normal" jobs I suppose. But I believe God has been working on my pride issue about this and on Sunday I read Romans 12:16 (if I remember correctly) which basically says not to shy away from humble duties.
Okay God.
So I went ahead and applied for a pharmacy cashier job at a popular drug store chain. I immediately got an interview and am going in for a "mini" interview with the pharmacy manager and I'm also being scheduled for the drug screen test. It's really looking like I'm going to get this job!
The strange part is that I'm actually very excited about it! There is room for growth and promotions, I can transfer if I move, I can look into pharmacy tech. if I am interested and I'll have benefits! Great!
I'll talk to the pharmacy manager tonight and take the drug test tomorrow most likely, so I'll try to keep everybody up to date on it.

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Anonymous said...

Great!! I'll be praying for you! Keep me updated. :)