Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I started "the diet" with help from Rayleen... I actually started yesterday. I don't think I drank enough water and I didn't eat everything that I was supposed to, so I'm getting a rough start, but at least it's a start I guess. I did some strength training at home since it was too dark to go out and ride my bike. I did crunches, mule kicks, leg lifts and bicep curls. Ouch. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to ride my bike before dark, although I'm not sure because it gets dark so quickly and I don't get off until sunset - 5pm. I'll try though.
I took the back seat out of my Jeep to make it easier to transport my bike. I need to get a bike rack, but that will have to wait for now. I just hope (and pray) that I'll stick to the bike riding and get some good exercise and stress relief from it. I tend to get bored with stuff after a little while and I don't want to do that with this.
We shall see...

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rayleen said...

It's not a diet! It's a lifestyle change! You can still eat the same ole foods, just watch the portion or the ingredients. :) It's all about how much you're eating and making sure to get all the nutrients you need.

I think you're doing great so far! Drinking the water and getting in all that exercise alone is a huge accomplishment. GOOD JOB!!