Monday, November 15, 2004

I got it!

Well, I got the job! So I gave my supervisor (the boss is gone for a few more days) my two weeks notice. I was really super nervous because I don't like doing that, but it had to be done! I went into the pharmacy and talked to my soon-to-be supervisor and told her when I would be coming in to work. I'm excited but really scared too. I want to like this new job! I want to have fun! I want to love what I do! I'll just keep praying about it. :)

Anyway, my current supervisor is the one I've been having problems with and he was JUST talking to the other guys in the back and one of them asked him what he would do if I quit. (Apparently that just happened to come up in conversation from the one person I told. Sheesh!) He said that he didn't believe I would quit - there was no way. HA! He also said he wouldn't "go through that again", meaning working by himself without any help. Hm....

When I gave notice he was really calm about it all - even congratulated me. But he also was trying to impress upon me that most people don't give notice and he doesn't think people should have to - after all, when you get fired they don't give you notice. I don't really trust him, I think he was just trying to make me look bad, but maybe I'm just paranoid. And before I left today he told me I was very good with the public. That was nice of him.

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