Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stuff I haven't posted AND something AMAZING!

Let me just say that you need to read this post in it's entirety. The first part might be boring, but it will be worth it...

Since Rayleen and Apollo moved up here, I have forgotten to post something else I did in the house. I didn't want to post it before because it was a surprise for them, but now it's safe. I refinished the oak floor in the livingroom and hallway!

I started out with the old carpet...

I guess the carpet wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. And I knew underneath was a beautiful oak wood floor.

Taking the carpet and carpet pad helped me realize some things... Like the fact that the people who sold the house lied when they said they had the carpets cleaned. I just don't think you would find Cheerios if they had really cleaned it.

The tack-strips, nails and staples were crazy. They were EVERYWHERE. My friends Jennifer and Theresa helped with getting them out and cleaning up.

It was worth it when it was done. The floor still had a nice color, so I didn't even have to stain it. I was pretty proud of it!

Now for the interesting part... this has nothing to do with the wood floor, I just wanted you to read that.

As most of you know, I'm a CNA2 at the nearby hospital. I get to see some amazing and crazy things. Huge needles, cute nurses (guys, of course), old-man-winkies, old-lady-tatas, a few medical procedures, occasionally blood, and always, always, always... pee and poop. I see more poop than a mother does. I had to clean a guy today THREE times because he had diarrhea in his bed - he couldn't make it to the commode by his bed. His anti-diarrhea medication finally took effect though, thankfully. And I'm not complaining - somebody has to do it. People are sick and people need help!

But today... today I got to do something... well, different. Believe it or not, I was able to... (wait for it..)

SCOOP POOP WITH A SPOON!!! Yes, it's true!!! I had to get a sample to send to the lab to see if the patient had a particular bacteria, so armed with my spoon I waited for her to make a deuce. And deuce, she did.

Today was a good day.


A. Malcontent said...

I am in shock! Another post! And one about poop, too! It just doesn't get any better than this.

A. Malcontent said...

Oh! And nice job on the floor, too. Looks good!

Brianna said...

I'm in shock too. I'm glad you finally posted. Floors look good. I want you to know that I'm grateful for nurses such as yourself. I don't know how you do it, cleaning up poo and pee. I'm a mom to 2, one boy (and yes, boys' poo is worse than girls' poo IMO) so I see my fair share of poo but nothing like what you and other nurses deal with. I am grateful for the nurses who took care of me before and after the birth of both of my children. Nurses are the kindest people ever.