Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another freakin' post

I thought I would show you a couple of things that I've done at the house and studio. I still need to download pics of the garden, so that will have to wait. But until then, here's what I have:

For some reason, the cupboard doors in the studio were never hung. They didn't have hinges at all and all of the door handles were in their original packages. Finding the right hinges at the hardware store proved to be a little more difficult than I thought - luckily, I grabbed the ones with the 3/8" inset, because it happened to be the ones I needed! Here are the cupboards in the studio. Yeah, all of my crap is hangin out of them. (Oh, and I don't have a phone jack in the studio, so that's why the ghetto phone cord is taped on the floor - it's going from the main house to mine.. hehehe!)

There's a little one up above the counter as well. It's kind of a weird one...

This is what I mean by weird - the door goes to the bar, and then there's a gap. No door fits there or anything. Strange, but I don't care a lot.

And the final look. Somehow it looks bigger and more spacious in person, probably just because there's not anything hanging into the pathway!

The natural gas guy came to the house because I couldn't turn the gas furnace on. I thought maybe the pilot light was out. He looked at the furnace and said it was fine and wanted to see the thermostat. When he saw it, he said, "Oh. You need a new thermostat."

Apparently this is the mercury type - the kind they don't make anymore because of the very poisonous mercury. I think it's the orignal thermostat that was installed when they built the house in the '50s. You can see the mercury capsule at the top... kind of... under the fuzz.

Anyway, he said it was very easy to replace and basically told me how to do it. So I went to the local hardware store, bought a new one and voila! I replaced the thermostat by myself, and it WORKS!

I was just glad that I didn't shock myself or blow anything up, to be honest.


A. Malcontent said...

What in the hell is going on here?? TWO posts in a relatively small span of time??


Just shocking!

aimee said...

You're telling me!!?! I wouldn't depend on it or anything... but I'm trying. :)

Rayleen said...

And photos!!

Thanks for the new thermostat. :)