Saturday, October 11, 2008

Five Months Later

So it's been five months since my last post... so what?!? Let me try to remember what has happened in that time...

After months of frustration, mom bought a house near Eugene instead of Salem. I've moved into the studio (the garage was converted into a studio) and tried to get the house a little more ready for Rayleen and Apollo. The studio is nice, although it's actually smaller than the cabin (!!). I think the paperwork said it is about 400 square feet, but I'm not sure if it's that big.
I do like it though, it's very bright and clean looking, two great skylights and two entries - one through the old garage and one in the back to the backyard. I bought a small refrigerator - not the little college half sized one, but a studio sized refer. It's perfect and I got it for $300. Before it got cold and rainy, I refinished the deck outside (it was soaking in any water before) so it can at least make it through another winter before we might have to replace it. I bought some utility-type shelving for the kitchen area and a bookshelf for the "livingroom". I still need to buy hinges and make sure these boards that look like doors for the kitchen cabinets are really the doors! I need to install their handles as well.
I'm working on replacing window screen material in the main house as well as a couple of other things that I'll elaborate on when they get here. I got them a surprise for the house and don't want to spoil it. Basically, I think I've done quite a bit and I'm ready to relax a little. Mom wants everything ready for them for when they arrive, so she's keeping me... focused? Or something.
I'm still in school, at this point taking a few classes over for better grades to hopefully get into the nursing program. It's very frustrating. I'm also taking a singing class and an African dance class, the latter being VERY challenging. I'm working out at the gym as well, so I hope I lose some more weight!
That's all I've got for now.


A. Malcontent said...


I can't believe you posted something!! *looks around for flying pigs or lots of ice*

Rayleen said...

I know it says Aimee posted this but I'm not so sure. Maybe it was Grace? No, not snarky enough. Buddy??

aimee said...

Har, har, har... harrr... harrr!!! ARRRRRRRR!!!!!!