Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Exciting Adventures in Oregon

Well, "exciting" might be stretching things a bit. Honestly, I've been studying so much I haven't had time to knit, quilt or even read, much less blog. Plus, the issues with my downloading pictures onto my computer (although it downloaded just fine a couple of days ago - like nothing ever went wrong!) made for a very boring blog.
But let's get on with it, shall we?... dang it! I forgot to re-size the photos! Hang on.............
............ be patient....
Okay! We're in business!

I had been having some tv issues. Basically, I lost my greens or something. Most colors were blues and pinks, as CSI will attest (btw, George Eads should NEVER have a moustache again! GARRRRR!!!)

Et tu, gecko???

Notice the great taste in style, they way I lovingly drape cords hither and thither...

So I bought a "new" used tv from a lady at church for $75. It's a lot bigger! The sound can be a little hinky, but on the whole, I'm very satisfied. Quite a difference, I'd say!


Okay. I just wanted to warn you.

Here are some sheep lungs. The instructor has an air tube hooked up to the trachea of the good one and has it blown up. The one on the right we dissected.

This is my favorite cross-cut slide of the distal end of the small intestine (human.

I had to go get my eyes checked at the VA hospital in Roseburg. Apparently, I've never had a real eye exam. I thought they were going to blow bursts of air in my eye and do weird things, so I was a little nervous. I took the pictures for
Apollo, but it came in handy for my blog too!

It was still pretty early and the hallways were empty.

I'll admit... I was pretty intimidated when I saw this. It just looks scary!

This is where the Gold Club Members hang out.

Freedom!!! Just kidding, it's really not that bad.

I just thought this was a nice area... and I could swear I saw a sign about a gift shop or something? Well, I guess every hospital needs one.

This was the one area that looked really "old school GI" to me.

Ahhhh, that will do for now... eeeexcellent...

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