Saturday, February 23, 2008


I am having some sort of USB port problem or something. I can't seem to download pictures from my SD card... it's taken me about a week or two to download the following. I've bought three different readers and finally plugged my old one in, which I thought was broken. Finally, success!!! Obviously, this will be a smorgasbord of pictures and stories. I have to fit them all in, and I don't know when I'll be able to download more!

First off, my diet has been going pretty well. I need to exercise to lose more weight, but I haven't been gaining and that's good. I lost about six or seven pounds initially and have maintained that. Better than nothing. I've been eating out of a Weight Watchers cookbook. Some of the recipes are okay... some are pretty bland though. They really cut out the salt! Everything seems to be low sodium and stuff. I just throw a little sea salt in it, and I'm good to go! :) Here's a picture of the spinach chicken stuff that goes with pasta shells. It was actually pretty darn good and very low in fat.

I also made chili out of the cookbook, although I added many more spices and peppers. It was made with turkey breast burger, which does NOT fry up like regular burger by the way. It was pretty good though and very low in fat - I think about one gram of fat per serving.

School has been a little crazy. My schedule is INSANE this term, and I've been stretched to the max with work, the CNA class and my regular school load. In Spanish, we are learning about verbs and different tenses. I don't even know English tenses, much less Spanish!!! It's driving me crazy.

My Anatomy & Physiology teacher suggested a way to study by buying a dry erase board and "teaching" it aloud at home. I took his advice and I think it's really helping! Here is some of my "teaching" on the olfactory (smell) system.

Okay. This is where things start getting a little gross. Just warning you.
The other day, my face started hurting and I could feel a volcano under my skin. The next morning, sure enough, I had a hug zit. This picture does not let the viewer fully appreciate the size and pain, but it will have to do. I could see people's gazes drawn straight to it, dang it!

And a little more gross...
My cats have found the joy of catching mice, as I might have previously told you. A couple of weeks ago, I could tell they got one because they were downstairs (at night while I was trying to sleep), playing for hours. Sure enough, I got up in the morning and was greeted by this site:

Thanks Buddy and Grace. Learn to EAT THE MICE!!!! IT'S YOUR RIGHT!!!!

And now for the gross stuff. If you don't want to look any further, DON'T. I have pictures of a dissected sheep's eye. Seriously.

In my A&P class, we got to dissect a sheep's eye. At first, I felt a little sad for the sheep, but then I got too involved in the dissection process. In my group (of four girls), I am the surgeon. I have a steady hand (surprising, with all the coffee I drink), and I'm not grossed out by the... fluids and stuff. Also, I don't just start hacking - I'm delicate! Before cutting on the eye, the instructions said to cut away the adipose (fat) tissue. I asked the teacher if it was like skinning a deer (which I have helped family members do). The teacher and the three girls in my group stared at me. The teacher was at a loss for words - first time ever. Apparently, not everybody skins a deer. Hmph.
This is the cornea - the front of the eye.

After cutting it in half - front to back - this is the back, the choroid and the retina has been scraped together, leading to the optic nerve which exits through the back. Pretty, huh?

Here you can see the oval lens...

And from this view, you can see the lens (out of place now) and the pupil opening (the little slit). Cool, isn't it??

Well, that's all I have. I hope it hasn't grossed anybody out too much. I went through some crap to get these pictures - the group and the teacher thought I was a little nutty taking pictures of an eyeball. Oh well! It was worth it!


Brianna said...

thanks for the pictures!! it's not everyday you get to see a dissection of a sheep's eye, or any kind of eye for that matter. seriously, cool!!! congrats on the weight loss!

Michelle said...

That chili looks good, but by the end of the blog, I lost my appetite

aimee said...

Thanks Brianna! It was fun to do! I know it's gross, but it really is interesting...

Hey Michelle! Long time no hear! I hope all is well with you! :)