Thursday, April 26, 2007


Okay, I didn't post for a little while because of the Big Weigh-In on Sunday. I lost a big .4 lbs. Yes, in case you missed that, it's POINT FOUR POUNDS. I slaved away on my Gazelle and didn't eat fast food for what?!? POINT FOUR POUNDS?!? Oh, the anguish! The inhumanity of it all!!! I think you can just assume that I didn't exactly stick to my diet/exercise this week.

I looked on my camera to see if I can post anything interesting. I think maybe "interesting" is too strong of a word. But whatever. I call my backyard "the park"... because I don't actually have a backyard - it's a park on the other side of the chain link. My area just happens to be where the baseball field is. Occasionally I'm treated to this:

It's actually kind of cute.

I didn't want to take too many pictures though... Somebody might see me taking pictures, look on the internet to see if any "predators" live in the area, and I'm SURE the entire five block radius glows red from all of my wonderful neighbors. So I snuck a couple and left it at that.

I could only find one other thing to post, and it's not very flattering. Somebody was feeling particularly lazy the other day, and did his best impersonation of Homer Simpson:

Then he apparently decided that he didn't care:

He really isn't overweight, he's just fluffy dang it! (Don't call my house when I'm gone and leave a message on the machine telling Buddy that I posted this, either! - It'll just make him mad at me! He'll keep me up at night!)


zoe said...

Hey, look at that belly! Do I see pink??

Copper said...

My tail's fluffier than yours!

Jojo said...

You like you'd be fun to bite!

Simba said...

I heard you might create your own Wheel of Blame, is that true?

I bet Grace will be a big part of it.

The Rat said...

I want to see some nipples! When I lay with my belly up, I always make sure everyone sees my beautiful pink nipples.