Friday, October 21, 2005

I made a hat!

Okay, so I'm knit-maturing slowly. I'm a late knit-blossom. Whatever.

But I made my first hat! Here it is from the front:

Image hosted by

And from the top:

Image hosted by

And if I were an elf, this is what I would look like (my ears are sticking out... it looks elvish to me):

Image hosted by

I made this as a tester, with coarse yarn... Just in case I messed up. I did drop a stitch toward the end, but I found it after I was done and was tying the last knot. So I just tied the dropped stitch to another one so it wouldn't unravel. Good enough!


rayleen said...

Wow, it looks so cute!! I'm proud of you! You're doing well, especially when you consider that you're doing it on your own without someone to show you what to do! YAY!

Apollo said...

It looks really nice! You did a good job.

aimee said...

Thank you! Thank you!!! (bowing) I'm just happy it's "wearable", ya know!?