Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Date - 25OCT2005

Well, I stand by my decision: corn dog with Grey Poupon. And I'll explain.

I'll begin with the good:
We met at a coffee joint downtown (where I've never been until earlier today) which was actually not a bad place. Very quiet, not huge and not commercial. Paintings on the walls from local artists, books and magazines and games on some shelves for reading or playing - including children's things. Nice place. (His roommate had suggested it.) When I got there, he was easy enough to find (in the middle so I didn't have to search forever) and dressed casual but nice - a long-sleeved shirt (gray) that almost looked like a sweater. I liked it actually. His hair was washed and brushed (I could smell his shampoo for some reason). He was drinking a coffee when I got there (more on that later), and we had good conversation. No awkward moments or anything. Decent guy, decent conversation... a little nerdy, but not too geeky. Oh, and he walked me to my Jeep, which was nice.

Now the Not-So-Good:
I could smell his shampoo?!? Why??? What does he use?!? Shamperfume???
He was drinking a coffee when I got there and told me to go get one... he failed to mention that he had a running tab, which is weird in the first place! So I bought my own.
His ROOMMATE suggested the place: He's 35 years old! He has two roommates!!
He kept staring at me with "I'm really interested" eyes - too much. He agreed with a LOT of what I said - too much. His favorite wine is white zinfandel (which I think is more appropriate for females I guess... so sweet!).
He tried to have a contest with me on who procrastinates more. He "won" because he said he bought a book about procrastination back in the early 90's and he hasn't finished it yet. *sigh*
He got into WAY too much personal info on his family woes and how he was wounded or whatever. Hey Buddy, this is a first date and a coffee date at that!!! Let's keep it casual! I don't want to know your counselor's name!
He sounded like Casey Casum a couple of times... or somebody really familiar.
When he walked me to my Jeep, I could tell he was hoping for... a hug or (I don't even want to say it) more. I was thinking, "You've got to be kidding."... I kept my arms crossed and finally said that I was freezing and made a move for the Jeep (good 'ol Roger!). He went for the hug, which I could deal with. Now, I've had a lot of guy friends and we've talked about hugs and why guys like them. (Not all guys of course, but in general.) It's not because they want to be my friend. He gave me the tight-squeeze hug. *sigh*

So, he's a total corndog because he's very predictable and not exciting. He'd be fun to hang out with or go to a game with, but too much of him would make me sick. The Grey Poupon is because he's sometimes not too average. He throws in a bit of knowledge or humor once in a while, and he's not bad looking. He dresses well and he's not a slob. His hands were clean and nails trim. He was on his best behavior. But he doesn't like sports - he used to like baseball. He doesn't really do things that involve dirt or grease or grime. And he's too "moony". He told me tonight that he was a good listener. I told him about a quote I just read yesterday: "A good listener is usually somebody who is thinking of something else.", or something to that effect. Of course I said it with humor and didn't imply that he was anything like that...

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