Wednesday, October 12, 2005

23 and 5... tagged again!

Okay, so it's taking me forever to post. *sigh* This moving is time consuming!! Even after I've moved!!!

So speaking of moving, my 23rd post (I didn't even know I had posted more than 23 times!) and 5th sentence was this:

"I was a little worried about one thing though... Most places want you to be earning 2.5 times your rent and at the place I live now, I make basically 2 times my rent - one paycheck for rent, one to live on."

Obviously I've been consumed with moving for the past few months. But soon it will all be old hat. By the way, have I mentioned that I need to get a lawn mower??? hehehehehehe!!! It's so exciting! I went to Freddies just to check prices and was surprised. I thought they would have one for about $100, but they only had the non-motor one for that price. So I'll find out where the nearest Home Depot is of course. I wonder how hard it is to push the non-motor one...

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