Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Perverted bug

So I'm standing outside at the coffee stand in our parking lot, facing the parking lot, but near the highway. I'm looking at cars and their colors because my sister Rayleen is buying a new car soon and is thinking about colors, etc. I turn around to face the highway and WHOOSH! A freakin' bug flew down my shirt!!!!!! Of course I bent down immediatley and grabbed the neck of my shirt, stretching it down to my toes (or so it seemed) to expel the bug. It was a termite-ish thing and it was down my shirt. Sensing that the highway traffic just got a really interesting shot of what this town is all about, I stood up and tried to "scoop" it out without really touching it much. Finally, with my shirt way out, it started crawling up (miraculous that it didn't get smashed) and I got it out. Some old retiree is telling his wife, "Gee Claudel, ah shore do lahk this playce sumpin' fierce... ah wanna come here ever year!"


rayleen said...

hehehe At least it wasn't a know!

As far as car watching goes, I know what you mean. I'm a lot more aware of cars now. I check 'em out while I'm driving, and not just the colors either. I'm definitely into the body style and how it changes over the years.

aimee said...

Thanks for not saying the "word"! Every time somebody mentions the eight-legged word, I end up seeing one! Sheesh!