Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Day For a While!

I did it! I survived the work day and now I am OFF!!! I have a couple of doctor's appointments and then I'm off to go camping for at least four days. OOOooohhh, I'm practically giddy!!

On a totally different subject, one of my cats just made an incredible stench in the nearby litter box. I really don't think he covered it well in there.

I had a student CNA with me today at work. That's really a gamble; sometimes you get a good one, sometimes... not so much. I had a student a while back who was TERRIBLE at communicating. She ended up in tears a couple of times. I'm really not that mean! She just got frustrated very quickly. And she had absolutely zero critical thinking skills. She got hyped about a patient who had a trickle of blood that leaked from her IV site... but didn't get animated at all when another patient ripped their IV out and blood was gushing out. Weird.

Today was a good day. No poop stories though. Hm. Maybe that's just one reason why it was a good day...

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