Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Evil & Cats... (evil cats?)

After seeing my sister's post, I had to try it. I'm not sure how accurate these results are.

You Are 32% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

How could I be less evil than my sister??? Maybe I didn't understand some of the questions.... I should re-take this when it's, umm, that time. Then we'll see who's evil!!!

Speaking of evil, I have a new story involving my sweet, sweet kitties. I got up the other morning to see something odd. (It's going to start out weird, but keep reading...) On my sheet near the shoulder area, was a cluster of blood spots. I was puzzled. I didn't see anything on me that would cause that. I looked at my nose to see if I had a tiny bloody nose that would leave a cluster of spots. No. I thought maybe one of the cats hurt it's paw (they jump from the mattress to the top of the bed frame to sleep) and left blood... but it's where I sleep, not where they jump. It's quite a quandary.

And then I saw this a couple of days later:

If you can't see it, it appears to be little punctures. On my arm just below the shoulder, near the pit. Here's the weird thing: I don't remember being used as a launch pad. I don't remember pain, even though that's a location I would definitely feel it. And another thing, I've woken up before with long scratches, up to five inches long, on my back. What's going on?!?

You know, I came home this evening to hungry cats. Their bowls were practically empty. So I filled them up, much to the delight of my cats. But then I started thinking... Am I going to get scratched tonight?!? I joke about them scratching my eyes while I sleep, but is it really true?!?

Or am I sleep walking and somehow hurting myself? What? WHAT?!?

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