Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I would like to introduce everybody to...

She's a nice girl, but a little "fast" if you know what I mean.

I got her because my wonderful Roger is tired and needs a break from all the travelling. He's making a funny noise and his clutch is acting up a little. Plus, he only gets around 12 miles per gallon. Yeah. But I still love him.

Veronica has a dark charcoal interior and a little bit of chrome. :) Yay dark seats and chrome!

Veronica and I go fast. Oh, I mean... we go the speed limit. She's got spunk! Seriously, it's nice filling up every 330 miles or so instead of 175 miles. And when I drive the speed limit and stop using the A/C, I'm sure my mileage will be even better.

I was going to pay for her using the money I get for mileage that I get paid... but new circumstances have come up. My job and my co-worker's job were cancelled last Friday. They are letting us finish out the month. I'm going to enjoy Veronica while I can.

I'm not stressed. At all.


Brianna said...

Great pick!!! Are Toyota's just lovely?

aimee said...

Yeah, they're pretty cool! And everybody I've talked to says the same thing: "dependable".

side note: I went 411 miles on a tank of gas!!! Not usual, but nice!