Tuesday, September 19, 2006

knitting again & Oregon Ducks

Since I'm not currently employed, I've started knitting something I like to call "The Unemployment Scarf". I don't think I got enough yarn, but it's a clearanced yarn and therefore not too expensive. (Sorry for the blurry pics.)

I'm knitting on double pointed needles to make it tubular... although I think I made it a little wider than I wanted. I was going for a skinny scarf. Oh well. Somehow, the color is perfect for an "unemployment scarf". Oh, and I guess I dropped a stitch or something, and now have a hole. I'm going to pretend it's not there. I don't believe in frogging.

The day after my co-worker and I got the news of our nonexistant jobs, we were blessed to go to an Oregon Ducks game - the first game of the season! It was soooo much fun! There were a few drunk college guys sitting directly in the seats behind us and they were really loud (go figure), but fun. We (the drunk guys and us, and then the section beside us) started The Wave!!! And it even went around FIVE times! It was great.

Score, Oregon Ducks!!!! I believe the final score was U of O: 48, Stanford: 10. Oh yeah.

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rayleen said...

"I'm going to pretend it's not there. I don't believe in frogging."


I think you can fix that by taking an end of yarn and sort of weaving it in, tieing those together. Something like that.