Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I found my camera

So just in time before I hit the road again, I found my camera. Let's take a look at another hotel I stayed at, shall we?

This was in a little town called Kerby, Oregon. It's between Cave Junction and Selma, where we were working at both locations.

It was actually a really cute place... My co-worker's room even had a kitchenette in it! However, I couldn't find the light in the bathroom to save my life... That is, until the morning when I was leaving. The light switch was in the main room, just outside the bathroom. Of course. Perfect sense.

And the television set and stand were classic. I'm almost tempted to get this set-up for my own place...

And just in case you missed that glorious wallpaper in the first picture, here's a close-up because words fail me. (I really did like this place though...)


rayleen said...

Funny, I saw the light switch right away. Um, yeah. hehe

katrina said...

I think my grandparents had this wallpaper in their diningroom! SERIOUSLY!