Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I would waste time apologizing about not posting and excuses and blah, blah, blah... but who's really interested in that? Nobody!

However. I will finally divulge a little information about myself that not too many people know yet... Then again, not too many people read this!! (Yes, it's a lack of friends, thanks for rubbing it in.)

Are you ready for this??? (Okay, I realize the only people that read this blog are the people that already know this tidbit of information, but I'm posting it anyway dang it!)

I got a boyfriend! I'm not sure how I tricked him, but I'll have to make note of it when I figure it out! He's really sweet. Not too sweet, but just really good to me. But he doesn't take any crap from me either - I gave him the stink-eye once and he didn't like it... He told me. Duly noted.

He does nice things for me though. On his way to my place, he stopped at a yard sale and got me a clothes dryer and a lawn mower for $5!!! And they work!!! I just had to get a new blade for the mower! He even put gas in it for me! And he bought me an electric weedeater! Hey... I sense a pattern here...

Anyway, since he's my first boyfriend in forever, I thought I should make a special post about it. Yay for me!! Oh, and I took him to the family get-together and he did great. He was talkative and everybody loved him. I'm so proud.


rayleen said...

He didn't like the stink eye?? LOL!

This should be interesting. I mean, are you going to retire the stink eye?

Faythe said...


I suppose your long absence can be forgiven by the knowledge that you've been 'busy'.

aimee said...

rayleen - The stink eye will NEVER be retired!!!!

faythe - i'll send you a picture... and thanks for the gracious forgiveness! :)

katrina said...

YAY FOR YOU!!! I agree...Pictures! We demand pictures!!!!