Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My landlady called me today to let me know they're going to be gone for a few days. She was going to have the mail held until they got back since he runs his business from his home and they get a lot of mail, but it's the same address I get my mail from, so I told her I don't mind picking it up.

While we were talking, I told her about my over-oxygenated water (it's cloudy but quickly clears up - just too much oxygen in the water) and how it's still sputtering quite a bit with air. I asked her if it was a normal thing and she didn't seem to think so. She was especially concerned when I told her it "freaks out the toilet sometimes". She's going to be sure to tell her husband so he can look into it... after they get back. But it looks like she's going to fill the tank before they leave on Thursday! Woo-hoo! This does mean I may run short next time, but maybe he'll look at it and find a leak somewhere. Who knows. I'm excited though. I'm sure you know who will be taking a real shower soon! And not in a waterfall!

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