Thursday, January 06, 2005

January 6th

Well, the first month of the new year has been going pretty well. One of my cats were sick for a little while, but he seemed to get better in a couple of days, so that was a relief. I promptly got a cold and it's a doozy! Everybody in town seems to be sick and working in a pharmacy... well, I guess I'm just open to it. I'll have to start taking vitamins maybe.
My mom and sister should be here later today, while I'm at work. They are only coming down for the night (for now) and we are going to have Christmas together. I'm pretty excited and can't wait to see them! I haven't seen my sister since August, so it's about time! :)
I got re-aquainted with a high school chum a couple of nights ago. It was pretty cool to talk to him... he has matured a lot since way back when! He reminded me of things long forgotten... bus rides to and from games and such, people, etc. He caught me up on people that I haven't heard about in a long time. He wishes he could go back and I wouldn't go back if you paid me a million dollars.
Well, God bless you all this new year!!!!!

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